Blog, Blogito, Blogon!

January 11, 2010

Hi there Blogudos! I’m Felipe!

I plan to dump all my ~/projects here!! Most of it is boring but maybe you’ll find some of it interesting.

I used to put some of it here, but as some guys accused me of having the ugliest page in the world so.. I’m going for the worst blog also.

4 Responses to “Blog, Blogito, Blogon!”

  1. Mario Vilas said

    Way to go! 🙂 Congratulations for your smashing success in freeing yourself from the television. I’m sure your brain will greatly appreciate it!

  2. thermo said

    mucha suerte ! bienvenido a la blogosfera!

  3. Subcomandante Alfred said


  4. cr01nk said

    Awesome post! Nice work 🙂

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