Let’s see how to run an external Adobe Reader process from a pdf file that’s being displayed in a web browser.
This *technique* is a derivate of the pdf-into-pdf embedding post. It also uses the GotoE action to jump away to an embed pdf. I just discovered that doing this from a browser viewed pdf it runs a different process of the Adobe Reader. The ability of running a new, fresh and separated process has some interesting exploitability implications.
In older Reader version (previous to 9.2.3?) doing this also served as a way to bypass DEP optIn, but by now we have to settle with just this two facts:

[+] Whatever happens in the separate Reader will not crash the browser, potentially enabling other chances to exploit it.

[+] It makes it possible to develop exploits for highly predictable memory layouts.

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Filling Adobe’s heap …

February 15, 2010

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This post is about how to fill the Adobe Readers Heap. We’ll summarize and put in practice 3 ways of filling Adobe Reader memory. The idea is that when Adobe finnish parsing our PDF we could be pretty sure that at some fixed address there will be controled data. We’re not going to do any fancy feng-shui or heap massage, the idea of this is just to show 3 practical known ways for filling the Reader process memory. Can we fill it?

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